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  Custom Sapphire Windows
  UltiTech offers complete solutions for sapphire optical components fabrication, including shaping, grinding, drilling and polishing.
  Our experienced engineers understands the effects of manufacturing processes on strength, optical performance, and reliability of Sapphire windows. With more than 20s diverse experience in sapphire windows fabrication, we develop superior polishing process.
  This capability enables us to produce custom sapphire windows with various shapes and sizes, and ensures sapphire windows meet specifications.
  UltiTech also offers coating and metallization solution to meet customer's requirements.
  Specifications of Custom Sapphire Windows
  • Shape: Custom Shaped
  • Diameter: 0.3~350mm
  • Length: 0.1~500mm
  • Thickness: >0.1mm
  • Dimension Tolerance: ±0.02mm
  • Surface Accuracy: λ/10 @ 633nm
  • Surface Quality S/D: 10/5
  • Parallelism: 10"
Sapphire windows — for scanner, high pressure, high vacuum and infrared surveillance systems
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