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Sapphire Dome
Featuring exceptional physical strength, resistance to corrosion and durability under extreme pressure and temperature, sapphire domes are ideal for use in harsh environments such as camera dome ports and submersible windows.
UltiTech offers variety of sapphire domes including Hemisphere sapphire dome, Hyper hemisphere sapphire dome, Aspheric sapphire dome, and Kerf sapphire dome.
Our sapphire domes can be fabricated with caliber up to 400mm, surface quality up to 40/20, and surface roughness RZ0.05.
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  Specifications of Sapphire Dome
  • Radius of curvature: 25mm ~ 200mm
  • Caliber: φ50 ~φ400mm
  • Wall thickness: 1
  • Dome height: dia: 3/ 4
  • Surface Quality S/D: 40/20
  • Center deviationr : ≤ 1

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