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  Sapphire Tube Benefits
  Sapphire tubes made of synthetic sapphire possess unique combination of excellent optical, physical and chemical properties.
One of the hardest minerials and ranks a 9 on the Mohs scale, sapphire is virtually scratch resistance. Sapphire has high melting temperature of 2030 °C. Its excellent thermal conductivity and heat resistance make it ideal for high temperature applications. Its exceptional chemical stability and corrosion resistance can withstands harsh environments such as fluorine plasma, acid and alkaline. In addition, sapphire offers excellent transmission bandwidths between the UV and IR at 0.15-5.5µm.
The edge-defined-film fed method ( EFG method ) provides the ability to produce various shapes of sapphire tubes with minimal or no grinding.
All this unique properties offer a cost-effective solution for the applications where hardness, scratch proof, corrosion resistance, heat resistant as well as optical properties of sapphire tubes are required. 
Sapphire Tube Applications
Sapphire tubes are ideal material for wide range of industrial applications such as semi-conductors processing, test and analytics, and Lamps and Lamp Envelopes. Typical applications for test and analysics include Biological and chemical sample analysis, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy, Mass spectroscopy, plugged tubes, Thermo-optic temperature measurement, and Inline Petroleum processing analysis. Sapphire tubes are also used as Plasma containment tubes, Process gas injectors, Thermocouple protection, Water treatment, and High intensity lamps.
Sapphire tube exhibits high mechanical strength. Sapphire tube with thick walls can be used to house sensors or lasers and protect sensors or lasers from extreme pressure. Its outer diameter and inner diameter can be polished to enable laser light emission and the reflected light measurement. Sapphire tube is ideal for the applications of high pressure systems and vacuum atmospheres.
Sapphire tube is the preferred material for plasma containment due to its chemically inert and corrosion resistance. The chemical resistance enable sapphire tube to withstand extreme plasmas with no particle generation.
sapphire tube retains its high strength without any change to its shape at high temperatures and pressures. Because of its high thermal stability, good thermal conductivity, and excellent transparency, sapphire tube is ideal lamp material to support UV, visible and IR applications in hostile environments.
UltiTech supplys "as grown", fine ground and polished sapphire tubes for wide range of applications. Custom shapes include angles, slots, holes and bonded shapes to meet customer's precision specifications. Our achievable specifications of sapphire tubes are: inner diameter start at 0.40mm, wall thickness up to 20mm, length up to 600mm, and surface quality up to 40/20.
  sapphire capillary tube  
Sapphire tube for optical spectroscopy measurements
  Sapphire thermocouple tube
  Sapphire Capillary tube   Polished Sapphire tube for optical spectroscopy measurements   Sapphire thermocouple tube
  sapphire plasma tube        
  Sapphire plasma tube        

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