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Sapphire Windows made of Synthetic sapphire feature exceptional properties of high hardness, high strength, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical durability and excellent transmission bandwidths.
Properties of Sapphire Windows
Optical Windows are used as viewports to protect other components within an optical assembly, instrument or laser. In certain applications, optical windows are required to withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide high levels of performance and reliability. Sapphire window has several unique properties that make it ideal material for these applications.
1. Synthetic Sapphire, the single crystal form of Al2O3, is one of the hardest materials ( 9 Mohs hardness). Because of its structural strength, sapphire window can be made much thinner than other common optical windows, with better transmittance performance.
2. High thermal stability and excellent thermal conductivity make sapphire window suitable for the applications in high power. The loss in a sapphire window is less than in other common optical window.
3. Sapphire windows can withstand considerably higher temperatures than most optical windows with zero degradation.
4. Sapphire Windows will not get dark and lose their brilliancy, when exposure to UV light.  
5. Sapphire windows are extremely stable and resistant to attack by strong acid due to sapphire’s high dielectric constant.
6. Sapphire windows offer wide band transmission from UV to Mid-IR (0.15-5.5µm). 
All these unique properties makes sapphire windows the ideal material for extreme mechanical, chemical & optical applications. 
Sapphire Windows Applications
Sapphire windows are ideal for applications where high pressure, high temperature, high thermal loads, vacuum, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, small coefficient of friction as well as optical and insulating properties are a consideration.
Sapphire windows normally need to work under extreme operating conditions, so hard AR coating is required to withstand harsh environmental conditions and improve resistance to scratching.
Sapphire substrate has a high refractive index, thus usually requires an antireflection coating on sapphire windows for sufficient transmission in the region of interest. 
In some applications where sapphire windows needs to be soldered or bonded to metal. Synthetic Sapphire is a single crystal and high purity, so bare sapphire will not attach to braze or solder alloys on its own. Through solderable metallization on sapphire windows, hermetically sealed optics can be created  for harsh or vacuum applications.
UltiTech is leading manufacturer of sapphire windows. We offers complete solutions for sapphire window fabrication including shaping, grinding, drilling, and polishing. We also provide coating and metallization solutions for sapphire windows to extend and optimize performance over a broad range of applications.
With more than 20s year diverse experience, UltiTech has developed effective methods to polish sapphire windows with low roughness, high surface quality and surface accuracy. Our typical achievable specifications for sapphire windows are: diameter up to 350 mm, length up to 500mm, thickness as thin as 200 microns, surface accuracy up to 1/10 lambda (lambda 633 nm), surface quality up to 10/5, and parallelism up to 5 arc seconds.
We supply a wide range of sapphire windows including round sapphire window, rectangle sapphire window, step sapphire window, and custom sapphire windows with various shapes and sizes. 
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