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Hyper Hemisphere Sapphire Dome - 100mm Caliber x 50mm Dome Height
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    Specifications of Hyper Sapphire Dome SD10605H
  • Code: SD10605H
  • Material: Sapphire crystal 
  • Caliber: 100mm ± 0.1
  • Wall thickness: 5mm ± 0.1
  • Dome height: 60mm ± 0.1
  • Surface Quality S/D: 80/50
  • Iregularity △N: 5/2
  • Surface roughness: 2.0
  • Center deviation: 4′


Sapphire Domes Features and Applications:
1. High transparent to wavelengths of light between 0.3 μm (UV) and 5 μm (IR)
2. Extremely hard and scratch resistance
3. Extremely high melting temperature (2030°C)
4. Excellent thermal conductivity and heat resistance 
5. Exceptional chemical stability and corrosion resistance 
6. Sapphire domes are ideal for the applications of extreme conditions, such as aerospace or deep sea applications.
Custom Specifications of Sapphire Domes:
Caliber (D): Ø20mm ~ Ø400mm
Wall thickness (T): ≥ 1mm
Dome height (H): ≤ R2
Dimension Tolerance : 0.01mm
Facial contour N: ≥ λ
Irregularity △N: ≥ 1/4
Surface quality: 40/20
Surface roughness: < 0.5
Center deviation: ≤ 1′
Custom shape: Hemisphere Sapphire Dome, Hyper hemisphere sapphire dome, Aspheric sapphire dome, Kerf sapphire dome
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