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Jewel Bearings
UltiTech is a leading manufacturer of high quality Jewel Bearings. Jewel Bearings are precision miniature components typically made of synthetic sapphire and ruby because of their superior hardness and ability to accept a high polish.
Synthetic sapphire exhibits exceptional performance of high hardness, high strength, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and small coefficient of friction. Jewel Bearings out of sapphire are ideal material for instruments, meters, control devices, precision mechanisms where low friction, long life, and dimensional accuracy are important. Due to its high temperature resistance and chemical durability, sapphire jewel bearings are particularly useful for the applications in Petrochemical, Process Control and Medical Instrumentation. Sapphire Jewel bearings present highly consistent static friction and low kinetic friction. sapphire-on-steel has a static coefficient of friction of 0.10~0.15. Jewel bearing surfaces maintain their smoothness even after decades of use, which means jewel bearings have very low friction variability.
UltiTech offers a wide range of high precision jewel bearings for industrial and military applications. Typical types: Cup Jewel Bearing, Vee Jewel and Ring Jewel Bearing.
Types of Jewel Bearings
ring jewel bearing
Ring jewel bearings - are served as journal or annular bearings normally used with straight cylindrical shafts. Ring jewels contain a contoured hole shaped like an hourglass or an olive. Olive hole offers a reduced contact area with pivots that leads to lower friction, and permit assembly adjustment so as to compensate for any misalignment.
cup jewel bearing
Cup jewel bearings - are generally used in vertical shaft applications, such as electronic meter, hot water meter, liquid measuring instrument, movement system of single-phase, and triphase KHW meter. Common types include spherical cup jewel bearing, conical cup jewel bearing, single cup jewel bearing and double cups jewel bearing. 
vee jewel bearing
Vee Jewel bearings - are suitable for highly sensitive instruments requiring low torque bearings and where the moving element is light. Vee Jewel bearings give minimum friction when used with conical pivots. Normally, the contact area of the pivot should be highly polished.
Jewel Bearings Assemblies
Most jewel bearings are mounted into a housing or screw. The jewel bearing assemblies can ease the mounting of jewel bearing into final instrument. Jewel bearing assemblies can also be mounted with a spring. The spring can assist with fine tuning assembly into the instrument and also act as shock absorber.

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