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  Sapphire Rods for the application of medical device, accurate machine and inspection instrument
  Rods out of Sapphire are widely used in medical devices, accurate machine and inspection instruments, due to its exceptional properties of high hardness, high strength, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, purity, chemical durability and superior radiation stability.
Sapphire rod is perfect material for high temperature application with no change to its shape and dimension because of its extreme High Softening Point over 2000°C. 
Sapphire rod is chemically inert and resistant to attack from most processing environments, such as Acid and Alkalis at temperatures up to ~1,000 °C.
Sapphire rod is bio-inert. It is the ideal material for bio-engineering, dental and medical bone implants.
Sapphire rod is suitablel for rod bearing application due to its strong wear and abrasion resistance.
UltiTech offers a full range of Sapphire rods to meet a wide variety of applications including Ram pump, Plunger rods, Laser ranger, Laser designator, Insulators and Measuring rods.
Our custom shapes for sapphire rods include both ends flat, one end radius, both ends radius, saddle pins and special shapes as per customer's requirements.
Our achievable specifications for sapphire rods are: diameter start at 0.40mm, length up to 600mm, surface quality up to 40/20, and surface roughness RZ0.05.
Sapphire Rods
dome end sapphire rod   flat end sapphire rod  
cone end sapphire rod
dome end sapphire rod   flat end sapphire rod   cone end sapphire rod
sapphire plunger rod   sapphire lift pins   sapphire rod length up to 600mm
sapphire plunger rod   sapphire lift pins   sapphire rod length up to 600mm
sapphire rod lens for industrial endoscope   sapphire rod for bearing application   sapphire rod for Precision machinery
sapphire rod lens for industrial endoscope   sapphire rod for bearing application   sapphire rod for Precision machinery
Sapphire Get the Best Custom Polished Sapphire Rods
  Have you been looking for high-quality Sapphire Custom Rods? Do you need custom rods for your applications? We at UltiTech Sapphire are some of the leading manufacturers of custom and polished rod in China. Our products are well-made and designed to deliver the best performance. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field. If you’re looking for high-quality products at a reasonable price, we are the right choice.
Sapphire What are Sapphire Rods?
Sapphire rods are made from sapphire crystals and are ideal for a wide range of applications. You can use it for medical, diagnostic, and industrial purposes. The material is superior to alternatives like alumina, quartz, and other such compounds, which is one of the reasons why it is used in everything from diagnostics to semi-conductor processing. We provide a wide range of custom rod products for different applications. You can find everything you need in our store and can contact our experts if you want to learn more about our products.
Sapphire Applications of Sapphire Custom Rods
Sapphire Custom rods can be used for a wide range of purposes because the material is very resilient. Its unique properties make it ideal for applications like semiconductor processing, testing and analytics, lamps, lamp envelopes, and even medical applications.
Sapphire Benefits of Sapphire Rods
Sapphire rods offer several benefits that make them an ideal choice over other materials. All rods are manufactured according to the highest industry standards so you don’t need to worry about poor performance and their durability. Here’s a look at some of the best characteristics of our custom rod:
High Hardness – Sapphire rods have a high level of hardness and density, which makes them very resilient and suitable for a wide range of applications. The hardness ensures the rod doesn’t break or wear down easily. Sapphire is often 9 on the Mohs scale when it is at stable temperatures of 20° and 25°C.
High Strength - Sapphire also has high levels of flexural and compressive strength, which is one of the reasons why it is used for applications like pumps, plunger rods, and pistons. It can handle adverse conditions easily without experiencing any damage.
Scratch Resistance – Scratches on the sapphire’s surface can compromise its performance. We offer a polished rod that is also scratch-resistant. You won’t have to deal with imperfections on its surface.
High-Temperature Resistance – Unlike most materials, sapphire custom rods have excellent temperature resistance so you can use them in high-temperature environments without worrying about breakage or compromise. The material has a softening point of around 2000°C, which means exposure to extreme heat doesn't compromise its structure or hamper its utility.
Purity – Our sapphire rods are pure and made from carefully sourced raw materials so you don't need to worry about their performance. There are no cheaper materials or compounds added that may compromise the overall resilience and strength of the crystal.
Chemical Durability – Sapphire retains its integrity even when exposed to different chemicals or corrosive agents. It is chemically inert and doesn’t react to exposure to acids and alkalis. You can expect our products to handle exposure to ~1,000 °C and remain stable.
Superior Radiation Stability – Sapphire custom rods are stable even when exposed to radiation, which makes them an ideal choice for laser devices and medical diagnostic equipment. That’s why the rods are used in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy or NMR, Mass spectroscopy, Thermo-optic temperature measurement, and more.
Bio-Inert – Sapphire is a bio-inert material so it doesn't degrade when exposed to biological matter and doesn't cause a reaction. It is considered by many to be ideal for bone implants, tooth implants, and other bio-engineering or medical applications.
As you can see, there are several benefits of investing in high-quality Sapphire Custom Rods from a reliable vendor. Our products live up to the established industry standards and will deliver superior performance. The products have high abrasion and wear resistance, which enables them to handle all kinds of stressful environments without any damage or breakage.
Applications of Products
We have a custom and polished rod for almost every application or device. You just need to choose which option is suitable for you and mention your specific requirements when placing the order. If there are any concerns, feel free to contact our experts and ask them questions about the different products available. You can use these Sapphire Custom Rods in:
  • Ram Pump
  • Plunger Rods
  • Laser Ranger
  • Laser Designator
  • Insulators
  • Measuring Rods
  • Light Pipes
  • Wear Applications
  • Pistons
  • And more
All our products are reasonably priced and reliable. You won’t need to worry about its durability and performance.
Custom Solutions
We understand that our customers need different solutions for different applications, which is why we offer a wide range of options and custom rods. You can choose the specifications of the products according to your requirements. Here’s a look at the options:
  • Diameter starting at 0.40mm
  • Length reaching up to up to 600mm
  • Surface quality reaching up to 40/20
  • Surface roughness at RZ0.05
If you’re uncertain about the specifications you may require, please contact our customer care and discuss your requirements in detail with our experts. They will help you make the right decisions.
Sapphire Custom Rods Available
We offer a wide range of polished rod products so you can choose what fits your requirements. You can request rods with flat ends, one or both end radius, saddle pins, or any special shapes as per your requirements. Here’s a look at what we have available in the store:
  • Dome-End Sapphire Rod
  • Flat-End Sapphire Rod
  • Cone-End Sapphire Rod
  • Sapphire Plunger Rod
  • Sapphire Lift Pins
  • Sapphire Rod Lens for Industrial Endoscope
  • Sapphire Rod for Bearing Application
  • Sapphire Rod for Precision Machinery
If you want to know more about these products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at UltiTech Sapphire. You can get a customized or polished rod at reasonable prices with no compromise in quality. If you don’t see what you need, get in touch and we will find a solution for you. Our team will respond promptly to develop a solution that fits your needs.

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