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Sapphire Thermocouple Protection Tube - 510mm Length x 20mm Outer Diameter x 15mm thickness
Sapphire Thermocouple Protection Tubes
    Specifications of sapphire thermocouple protection tube
  • Code: ST512015
  • Material: Sapphire crystal 
  • Growth method: Stepanov (EFG)
  • Total length: 510.0mm ± 1.0
  • Outer diameter: 20.0mm ± 0.5
  • Inner diameter: 15.0mm ± 0.5
  • Wall thickness: 5.0mm ± 0.1
  • Bottom thickness: 5.0mm ± 0.1


Sapphire Tubes Features and Applications:
1. High transparent to wavelengths of light between 0.3 μm (UV) and 5 μm (IR)
2. Extremely hard and scratch resistance
3. Extremely high melting temperature (2030°C)
4. Excellent thermal conductivity and heat resistance 
5. Exceptional chemical stability and corrosion resistance 
6. Stepanov growth Method provides the ability to produce various shapes sapphire tubes with minimal or no grinding.
7. sapphire tubes are used as a superior alternative to the tubes made of quartz, alumina and silicon carbide in semiconductor processing applications
Custom Specifications of Sapphire Tubes:
Inner Diameter: > 0.4mm
Outer Diameter: < 200mm
Diameter Tolerance : > 0.004mm
Length: < 600mm
Length tolerance: > ±0.01mm
Surface quality: 40/20
Custom shape: open ends tube, plugged tube, bonded end caps tube, custom shape tubes  with angles, slots or holes
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