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  ZnSe Windows
  A clear yellow polycrystalline material, Chemically vapor deposited Zinc selenide is produced by synthesis from zinc vapour and H2Se gas, forming as sheets on graphite susceptors. 
  ZnSe provides exceptional performance like superior optical transmission in wide spectral range 0.5-15µm, extremely low bulk losses from scatter, high thermal resistance, chemically inert and non-hygroscopic, making it ideal material for protective optical windows used in thermal imaging equipment, forward looing infrared (FLIR), and medical systems. 
  ZnSe window is most suitable for the application of high power CO2 laser system due to its high resistance to thermal shock and low bulk absorption at 10.6 microns.
  Because of high refractive index, ZnSe windows need to be coated with anti-reflection coating to improve transmission if high transmission is required. ZnSe is relatively soft material, making it scratches easily. The harder anti-reflection coating also serve to protect ZnSe window.
  Besides Sapphire Windows, UltiTech has the capability to process precision ZnSe windows with sizes up to 250 mm diameter and 25 mm thickness to meet customer requirements.
znse windows
  Standard Specifications of ZnSe Windows
  • Diameter Tolerance: +0.0, -0.1mm
  • Thickness Tolerance: ±0.02mm
  • Clear Aperture : >90%
  • Surface Accuracy: λ/4 @ 633nm
  • Surface Quality S/D: 40/20
  • Parallelism: <3 Arc minutes
  • Bevel: <0.25mm X 45°
  • Coating: Available upon request
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